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Hi all!

Thought I would post up my most recent trip experience with my '09 XR with FWD. We were gone a week and logged over 1,300 miles. Actual pumped gallons for the total trip was 89.499 gallons. Total actual miles covered was 1,314.7 miles. The overall calculated average from the pumped fuel was 14.69 mpg! Not too shabby considering we pulled an open car hauler with a 3,000 lb car strapped down on her. The trailer weighs 1,720 lbs. Our factory trailer towing package is rated at 5,200 lbs and we were right about there with 2 adults and luggage/tools. Had a Keisler 5 speed overdrive transmission installed in the '5 while down there. Nice setup. No issues with the Saturn. Handles real well towing with this load. Climbing some of the mountains in Kentucky/Tennessee I saw the tach hit 4,500 to 5,500 a couple of times. Pulled nice and steady.

Our trip back was a wet one...wipers on all the way home. For the trip I set the cruise at 60 mph and used the trailer button in the "D" mode. Overall average speed per the DIC was 49.5 mph.

Here's a link with pics at one of our gas stops on the way back. I knock on wood as we've had no issues with this Lambda.

Pet peeve here. Why is it I still cannot post pictures through this site's "Additional Options..." feature Fix the bloody site!


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