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Re: 08 Outlook XE - front fog lights?

Ok, followed jcarm75’s idea and it worked perfect! When you take apart the fog light assembly you end up with the hardware to mount them in the cutouts. I had to add a harness with a relay (from ebay for $10) to power the fog lights. I wired the main harness right off the red power attach point under the hood.
Now for the switch, and this is where it gets tough.
You can just add separate toggle switch under the dash if you want. That is the simple solution. However, I wanted the “Factory switch”, and with it the little icon light on the instrument panel. Also, the factory foglights turn off when your high beams are on. That’s because by law you are only supposed to have a 2 white lights on each side looking forward. (total of 4 lights max).
To do this, the light switch part number you need is 25822153. You can do a search and find it for around $35 plus shipping. I got it from
Now your harness is missing some of the wires you need for the switch. You will need to solder in some Female crimp Pins to some 22 gauge wire.
(I got mine from Frys in a pack of 10, just put #2875774 in the search box and it should come up, made by pactech)
Find socket number 6 on the headlight switch connecter and push the pin it. I had to remove the red plastic “lock” to get the pin pushed all the way in.
Now the other end needs a pin and it will go to the BCM (Body Control Module). It is the black computer brain under the dash to the left of the steering column with 7 connectors going to it. You need to unplug the X3 connector. (mine was blue, 3rd from the back). You need to release the lock and slid the pin into #21. 21 is right next to 22 Grn/White. For reference, 19 is a light blue, 20 is empty.
At this point your icon should light when you push the fog button.
Note the fog switch works by shifting “grounds” to the BCM, and the BCM works by controlling the ground to the fog light relay (NOT THE POWER).
Unplug the X4 connector from the BCM. This 4rth from the back and color is black. Need to get a pin into socket #11. 11 is in-between 10 which is red/wht, and 12 which is yellow. Unlock the connector and make sure the pin is all the way in. You can test the wire at this point with a continuity meter and should have a “ground” when the fog light icon is on.
Now you must route your new ground wire out to the fog light relay. I spliced my power off the running lights.

Originally Posted by jcarm75
OEM fog light assembly for a saturn xe/xr is about $123 a piece (GM Part #: 15857766) or $109 on Amazon. That's just for 1 fog light assembly with a bulb. In order for you to get the fogs on your XE, you need to get a set of fog lights and a wire harness. The harness runs between $7 and 70, depends where you get it. (Local Pep Boys has one for $29 with a switch). From my research, another way to get the Fog light assembly is to modify a buick/malibu/impala fog light assembly, essentially, the saturn fog light assembly is a "naked" buick/malibu/impala fog light assembly that has NO PLASTIC HOUSING IN THE FRONT. This is GM part number: GM2593157 these run about $25 and up a piece, but require you to remove three screws to get it to fit in the Saturn XE. In the process of hooking one up to my Saturn Outlook XE.
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