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Re: Outlook transmission: bad wave plate or bad customer service

We have a 2007 Outlook which has no "guts". We hear a clicking or feel a "dropping" in the right front side as we go accelerate in 0-20 MPH. Dealer can't find anything wrong. Have had to take it in for multiple recall letters. Now the water pump went out all of a sudden on the freeway and the car . THis vehicle has less than 46,000 miles on it---yes---you read correctly...46,000 miles. It is only a 6 cylinder and gets horrible gas mileage. At $4.25 a gallon, we can barely afford to drive it anywhere. I have to work one day a week just to pay for gas to get there.

We have claim out with GM on it since it is $700 to fix, but they can't get back up to a few days away!. We have had 3 GM trucks (Silverados-2 with transmission "Shavings" in the oil pan which required replacement of the transmission under warranty), and a Delta 88 Royal brougham (Lemon), and now this Saturn. Seriously debating on what to do about this car and hope that GM steps up to the plate and offers us some assistance if not the whole repair. It's really a shame that a car can't last without major repair bills for more than 50,000 (in many cases). Our Toyotas lasted over 200,000 without major issues. In all fairness, the most recent 2001 Chevy Silverado has over 100,000 and is doing OK, but we can see the writing on the wall. Yikes. Maybe we need to get a Vespa!
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