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Re: Outlook transmission: bad wave plate or bad customer service

Hi fellow Outlook lovers - I love my car.

But... it's had the exact same issue you all have been discussing.

70000 miles exactly is when it occured - we noticed a flare of RPM's in 3rd gear..then again in 5th. Drove it about 30 miles, took it home, parked it. Drove it to the dealer (we purchased it used from an individual who took immaculate care of it, with ALL service records, it's a 200 who told me there was a "known bulletin" on the GM database for this very issue and the resolution was to "flash the transmission software" with an update. Did that, sent me on my way in a VERY large snow storm to drive 20 miles home, all interstate. Drove home, the flare was more mild but now was between EVERY gear from what I could tell, then a major flare at 5th gear (I believe).

Parked it for the day (during the snow storm last week, 2/27/13) drove it the next morning where reverse didn't engage on first attempt (after reading this forum and our "reverse" was still working, I thought we weren't having the wave plate issue like has been mentioned here) - put it in park, retried reverse and it worked.

Drove 8 miles to next town, during the drive, the flare was much worse and very noticeable, my 16 yo was worried. At 5th gear, it revved to 7000 rpms when I attempted to pass a car, and DID NOT SHIFT. I was in about 3rd gear, in the fast lane with compromised roads because of the snow. The truck behind me couldn't get over, was flashing lights and honking and I couldn't get out of his way! We were almost roadkill, not even kidding. I managed to get over onto the ramp I needed, coasted to the light. Put it in park, then drive - it shifted like it was supposed to (I assume because acceleration was so low) and then I arrived at our appt. When I tried to back out, I had no reverse again - but putting in back into park allowed reverse to engage afterwards (for any of you who may get stuck somewhere, try putting it in park!) -- so I called (a different) dealer and drove it there. They called me 2 hours later and told me I had a hard internal failure of the transmission. This was last Wednesday - called me today, told me my wave plate had BROKEN and was being replaced as well as all internal parts being flushed and the pump filter being replaced.

I asked on "Justask" how in the world I can TRUST this repair and how do I know nothing else was harmed - and the mechanic told me he has replaced MANY MANY of the wave plates successfully and without further incident with no additional damage to the rest of the transmission. The plate has been redesigned.

Thank God our vehicle was still under warranty. I am still contacting GM about this and the fact that the first dealer sent me on my way with a "fixed" transmission, only for it to fail in 2 days. I am also following the links to the NHTSA website and will post my incident there as well.
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