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Re: Transmission Problems/Dealership problems

Update: My case was sent to the district manager and they called back today. "GM is unable to offer me any cost assistance." And there was a list of reasons but no admission of this being a known, pretty common problem. So common that we were told by multiple people to expect to replace the transmission soon if we bought this car. This however did not make the reality easier to swallow or less expensive. I hoped that they were over-exaggerating - guess I should have lived on this forum before we purchased. So to recap, we had the timing chain replaced at the end of February (known and accepted issue by GM) (without car for 1 week) and then about two weeks later, the transmission (known issue but not accepted by GM) (without car for 2 weeks) and are out $3500. A couple things about the conversation and my experience - (1) The first transmission my dealership was sent, they did not like. How confident would you be in a company that replaces a faculty transmission with one that your mechanic doesn't even like? I have to thank my service people for preventing that headache down the road for me. (2) When I said that this was a known issue, the person on the phone said that it is not in their system as a known issue and if it was, then they would be fixing it, but since it is not... So make sure you are reporting this through the NHSTA website!
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