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Re: 2008 Outlook, steer column

Originally Posted by Tracie
I have only had my car for about 4 months. There is a noise when I turn my steering wheel. I thought it was power steering fluid, but then as I lean closer I can hear it, it sound like plastic rubbing? Any similar problems?
Save yourself the dealer fees and see if this will help you determine the cause of your noise. Posted on one of the other boards by a 20 year GM Suspension/Steering/Brakes Tech.

20 year gm technician here, specifically suspension/steering/brakes. made an account just to reply to this thread. i know some of these posts are quite old, but still relevant.

multiple steering issues on traverse, acadia, & enclave models. the "zipper type" noise heard when turning the steering wheel (sometimes quite faint, some are louder, seems to get worse as vehicle is driven longer) is caused by a dry seal at the steering gear input shaft. this is merely an annoyance and presents no safety issue or operational malfunctions. owners of most vehicles that are out of warranty do not repair this.

a LOT of the steering gears leak. about 50% of the ones that do leak probably don't leak bad enough to replace.

the loud/hard clunking noise heard on model years 2010 & prior is due to steering gear mount bushings. the replacement bushings are made of an updated compound. service procedure requires r&r of steering rack/pinion to replace. as bad as the noise can sound, it does not present any safety/operational issues in my opinion.

the intermittent hard steering is an internal steering pump fault probably 95% of the time. the condition can be intermittent, seems to be worse after reaching operating temps/hot. the problem can be duplicated by sitting still & revving the engine 2-3K rpm's while turning the steering wheel. the actual cause is a flow control valve internal to the pump. the valve gets worn on 1 side & bypasses fluid at higher pressures, resulting in no assist.

updated service procedures require flushing & refilling p/s system with dexron vi trans fluid.

ANY time i have had the hydraulic circuit of the p/s system opened, the air in the system is EXTREMELY hard to bleed out. it's a long process & at best will still have some air in it that may take 1000 miles or so to completely remove itself. this can cause some pump whine at times, but mostly (in my experience) causes the steering to shudder or vibrate when making parking lot type maneuvers at low engine rpm's, especially after warmed. this presents no operational/safety issues in my opinion. again....VERY DIFFICULT to correct without driving several hundred miles.

i have never had any failures of the variable assist portion of the power steering.

in summary:
- zipper biggie
- rack/pinion leak.....depends on severity
- intermittent no assist....fix it. it will only get worse
- biggie, depends on annoyance
- shudder/vibration after repairs....normal, keep driving it a while

hope all of this helps.

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