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08 XR driver's power seat back won't recline

The driver's seat back in my 2008 Outlook XR only moves about a 1/4 inch. Being that it does move slightly, I'm quite certain it's not a switch problem. I'm thinking that a reclining adjustment motor has gone bad. All other functions work fine. Anyone have any thoughts on what could be the problem?

I also have a couple questions about this:
1. If it is a motor, is it a serviceable part?
2. How do you take the back panel off of the seat back so I can look at the motors?
3. If I can figure out how to get the back panel off, should I disconnect the battery first, being that I don't know if me fiddling around with the seat back might
set the airbag off?
4. If it is not serviceable, and I have to buy a used seat, how do you determine whether it's a 6 or 8 way power seat? The seat is heated, goes up and down,
back and forth, has lumbar control, it's supposed to recline, and does not have a memory feature.
Thanks for your help!!!
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