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Re: 2008 Saturn Outlook - Transmission FAIL - joining the club...

Originally Posted by debruin1
I believe I just joined the club. On a business trip, 2 hours from home, on beltline in Madison, WI, during rush hour. My 2008 Outlook (102,000 miles, than I've owned for approx. 18 months) decided to fail me. Speeding up a d slowing down, I suddenly realized I couldn't shift higher than 3rd. Almost caused a massive pile up, but managed to get over and off the beltline. Pulled into parking lot at gas station, and car would barely move. I noticed for the last week or so it seemed to be shifting strange, but as long as I didn't mash the gas, it seemed fine. I had the car towed to a GM dealer, but they have not looked at it yet. I had it towed to the nearest GM dealer, but it wasn't the one I bought it from because I was 2 hours away. I think I know what is coming.

Question, is there anything I can do for help with the bill? I have been reading around, and have seem many different stories with many different results, but the standard response seems to be that GM is aware of the problem, but does nothing. is that what I can probably expect? The dealer said they would be calling me tomorrow, and want to have my ducks in a row.
I realize that this is most likely a too late response but you can receive financial assistance by contacting Saturn Customer Service at: 1 (800) 553-6000

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