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Re: 2008 Saturn Outlook - Transmission FAIL - joining the club...

Just had my Outlook at the dealership for intermittent overheating, and they mentioned that the timing chain and wave plate should also be changed...all of which he said was under a special warranty extension. I knew the water pump was, so when it started occasionally running high temps and noticed a few small leaks, I took it in to get checked out. This was last fall, and the local dealer said he couldn't find any issues.

I recently moved to NC and having the temps fluctuate more often. This time I didn't mention anything immediately about the TSB and special warranty on the pump. As soon as he called to tell me the water pump is bad, I reminded him of the warranty coverage. Then he also noticed the timing chain and wave plate could also be changed under the special warranty. My Outlook is a 2007 at 113k miles.

I'm paying for a few other items done like throttle body cleaning, but the service guy told me the rest is covered. I sure hope so. It's been in the shop 3 days now and will be another 4 before it might be done.
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