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Re: Saturn Outlook reliability - how will it compare? (please sign up if you're new)

- 35R waveplate at 41k
- two radios I believe
- fully rebuid transmission at 115000
- stretched timing chain at 116000
- rear hatch automatic lift system replaced
- drinks oil, a lot of oil
- what's next

opinion i these cars aren't made to last much over 100000. If you get more, you're lucky. We change oil when the meter gets around 20% life but throughout the oil cycle, the oil should still be in pretty good shape because we add a quart every once in a while. No leaks in the garage. Where does it go?

Anyway, like many others, we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Yes this is an 8 yr old car. Yes it has over 100000 miles. My cars up until the 08 Lambda, when you took care of them, they took care of you. Period. When maintained properly, they cost you less in the long run. Not on this vehicle. I understand there is a documentary on GM between 07 and 09 and how corners were cut to cut costs. I would like to find that....

Anyway, good luck to all. If you are buying one of these from 07-09 or newer Lambdas, check the repair history and make a better educated decision....

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