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Re: Saturn Outlook reliability - how will it compare? (please sign up if you're new)

I've just recently picked one up, it's a 2010, used to be a rental car, with the LLT engine and (I think) the updated waveplate design. It had 173k miles when I bought it and now has 175k (surprised it has lasted this long).

Carfax shows that it has had regular oil changes all it's life and had the transmission replaced at 103k. The transmission I have now has no problems, except a slightly harsh 1-2 shift. I change my trans fluid every other oil change because of how paranoid I am about it. Although I have had the engine and transmissions out of the lambdas before (I work at a GM dealer), I'd rather not do it any more times that I have to. I can get a used trans for about $1k.

Most of the stretched chain issues we get here is mostly people who neglect to changing their oil. I change mine as soon as the OLM complains about it, I don't wait. People come here all the time and I find the OLM's at 0. Why?

Anyway, I have fully converted the exterior of the car to LED, did a resonator delete with a Magnaflow muffler (the same one that someone on the Acadia forums did, can't remember his name), and painted the wheels black. I won't be going any further as far as mods on this car, I want to actually be able to sell it for a decent price once that time comes.

Hoping for a few more years of problem-free driving, fingers crossed...

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