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Re: Outlook with water leak

I know this is an old thread, but were you ever able to successfully resolve your water leak? I'm having the same issue...corroded fuse box due to a water leak. I paid $800 for a GM dealer to clean out the tubes and sealed the cowl. A couple months later I'm now getting water coming in on the driver side near the emergency brake. The leak on the driver's side never occurred in the year that I've owned the vehicle until the recent attempted fix. Thanks!

Originally Posted by trouble1602
Thanks for the quick reply - Yes, it's still at the dealership since Saturday - no calls yet - Jeff Wyler Cadillac, Fairfield, OH 45014. I originally brought it in for a Check Engine Light - replaced the ECM under an extended warranty & a 50,000 mile check up - mentioned about som water entry above the drive side - by the air bag connection - they inspected it & said a leak under the front body seam cowl - supposedly repaired & checked it out - picked it up last Wednesday evening - nice beautiful dry days in Cincinnati - then on Friday the rain returned - got into my car after work - noticed water in the tray area in the sun roof which had not happened in a long time after some warranty work done on July 6th with 34,587 miles. Then while driving home I noticed my left foot was in a puddle of water - soaked carpeting - said to myself need to get it back to the dealership - too late on a Friday night - however later that evening I went out and the check engine light was on & the radio was on too - I got it down there that evening - it rained very, very hard early Saturday morning & when I went to the dealer to check on it - the service adviser said water was all over the inside of the front driver's area. What makes me so upset is the water was never this bad prior to the replacement work done less than a week ago - oh my!

Thanks again for your reply!

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