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Re: Outlook with water leak

Try this if you can. Get yourself some food coloring, put one color in one drain along with some water, and another color with water in another drain to see where it winds up. Just a little will do , you can tell if it is making it down to the outside of the body or into the cabin. There are four corners so you can identify which one may be the problem. Also, if the dealer used compressed air to clear the tubes, they may have disconnected the tube at a joint, the original leak problem was also caused by tubes being too short. If they took it apart they may not have reconnected them properly. I like to use a can of air so the pressure is not too high and clear them out when I do maintenance on the truck.
The only time I had an issue was after body work was done. I don't know if they pinched a line reassembling the truck or if there was paint over spray clogging them, a quick shot of air took care of it. The dye test told me that I had a clog.
Update. I have water under my drivers side carpet. Truck doesn't get used everyday, been sitting a week , after a day of heavy rain I decided to check. I did the dye test and saw the first hint about steering wheel level, with the left trim piece on left of dash off. Ran dye and sometimes I see it coming down wheel well and see some inside. I will have to undo the headliner to further investigate whether the tube is properly connected.
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