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Re: Please Read: Get answers to your Outlook questions!

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The Admin asked me to send you a few items to ask about when you're at the Lambda plant in Lansing. Although these issues arise from Acadia owners, they should be applicable to Outlook as well.

1 - Fuel gauge issue: Several owners have reported that it takes a long time for the gauge to adjust to correct fuel level after sitting on an incline. We have been told a fix will be developed by GM interlopers on the Lambda forums. I would ask about how soon this will be fixed. If you need the full info on this, just ask.

2 - NAV disk data issue: The NAV disks shipped are copyright 2005 with obviously 2005 or older data. This is unacceptable for a 2007 vehicle. We have learned that the 2007 disk is eminent. For the price of the NAV system and these vehicles, we should receive the 2007 disk and still get our two updates for our 2007 vehicles.

3 - Ask why flash to pass doesn't work with Daytime Running Lights and you have to manually turn on the headlights to flash to pass during daylight. May only be an issue with HID lights.

4 - iPod interface. GM touts its Personal Audio Link to integrate the iPod into radios and NAV systems so you can select and control from the radio rather than via an AUX cable. Can you ask for a "real" answer about when it will be available?

5 - Although this isn't a performance problem, many owners (I experience this too) note how much more the Acadia (I assume all Lambdas) can roll back or forward when put into park and not engaging the parking brake. Seems to be several inches of drift. Could bump another car. One owner had his slide back and his garage door caught on the rear bumper.

Finally, there's a thread about perceived rust problems with the exhaust system. Virtually everyone that isn't personally upset about it believes it is just the same type of discoloration any vehicle's exhaust system gets. If you could get a definitive response from GM that it IS NOT rust we could finally close this issue.

Have a great visit and experience. I'm envious and look forward to hearing your report afterward.
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