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Re: humming noise in steering column

I just joined this forum but I've been an Outlook owner since February. I've been on the OTHER Saturn message board ever since.

The sound you're hearing is the power steering pump. It seems to have problems between 10,000 and 15,000 miles. It makes a **** of a loud noise, which will get worse. When the engine is cold you don't hear it. As soon as the engine gets warm, that's when it starts. It'll drive you crazy.

On the other Saturn board, several people have talked about the problem. With every one of us it was the power steering pump. Some Outlook owners' dealers tried to claim that wasn't the problem. That's because they want to have to replace it. I made my dealer believe it and they replaced it with a new one. That was about 5,000 miles ago. I haven't had the problem since.

Here's what I did: I took my Saturn in first thing in the morning when the service center opened. I kept the engine running because it was nice and hot and that godawful noise was going. I made the service manager send a tech out and we hopped it in for a ride around the block. He couldn't deny the noise was there. It was a matter of identifying the cause. Every time he made a slow turn of the steering wheel the noise became even louder. I looked at him; he looked at me. I smiled. I got a brand new power steering pump.
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