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Re: Outlook Dead After 93 Miles

Originally Posted by mchappell
We were driving our new Outlook home on 3/21, and the transmission acted up (wouldn't shift out of 2nd/3rd gear), check engine light went on. My wife taught me some new words that night. Got back to the dealer as soon as we could, but it was closed. Snuck in behind the cleaning lady, and, luckily, a tech was still there. He read/reset the codes, which indicated some type of valve/solenoid problem in the trans. I was ready to drive through the window, find my trade-in keys, tear up the paperwork, and forget the whole thing.
That sounds a lot like what my Outlook was doing before it gave up and shut down. It wouldn't shift out of second even after I shut it down and started back up. I turned around and planned on going back to the dealer before it just died in the road. I'd do the 30 day return policy if the dealer (or surrounding delaers) had something I liked. Either it's barebones 2WD models or ones that are totally loaded with Nav and Sunroofs. Thanks for the advice, I'll post back here when I figure out what I'm gonna do.
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