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Re: Saturn Outlook reliability - how will it compare? (please sign up if you're new)

TrueDelta received 127 responses covering 351 months of ownership for the 2008 Enclave, Acadia, and Outlook. (The sample was about 3/4 Enclaves.) The result of 44 repairs per 100 cars is a bit better than the average for a 2008, and about half the repair rate for the 2007 Lambdas.

The survey covered through the end of 2007. Any repairs that were completed in January or February won't be included until the next update, in May. With TrueDelta's process, we'll be able to report any change in repair rates soon after it happens.

For the 2007s, we received 113 responses covering 675 months of ownership. This makes the Lambdas the first model with over 100 responses per year for multiple model years. The stat of 89 successful repair trips per 100 vehicles per year (0.9 per vehicle) is worse than average for a 2007 model.

The analysis only includes successful repairs; so those Lambdas with unfixable water leaks (just a few out of the 113 2007s and 127 2008s) did not affect the results.

The full set of results:

TrueDelta Vehicle Reliability Survey results

Others won't have reliability info on the 2008s until June or even October. TrueDelta first posted a result three months ago. Everyone who has been participating -- thanks for helping TrueDelta provide this information first, by a wide margin.

We can always use more help. You can join by following a link on the results page.
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