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Re: Saturn Outlook reliability - how will it compare? (please sign up if you're new)

We purchased a Saturn Outlook XE in April of 07. We had the dealership add a DVD player.
As of 9/07 the system has been replaced twice, and is beign worked on again as I write this.
The ysystem scratches DVD/s on load. The DVD remote control works sporadically. (Don't get dealer installed stuff)
During this visit the computer was reflashed based on a recal notice from the factory regarding rough shifting of the transmission.

The bigger issue is the trucks electrical system.

In December of 07 the battery died while sitting in the garage. The day before I had driven over 100 freeway miles. Nothign had been left on.
An apparent feature on a dead battery is that if you put the key in the ignition and try to start the vehicle, the key cannot be removed from the igniton again. It will loock in the ON position.
We called GM, it took one hour for a tow truck to arrive, and 2 hours for the poor guy to figure out how to cables long enough to jump start it. As soon as it was started the computer began pulsing error alarms for air bags, emissions, etc. Just about evfery alrm on the truck was flashing, and could not be cleared.
The car was towed to the nearest Saturn dealer. THree days later it was returned as having had a bad battery.

On Feb 15 I parked the car at Detroit Airport and retunred on the evenign of Feb 19. Guess what. DEAD.
It took a while to get the car jump started again.
I got the car home, it appeared to be cahrging the battery for the 45 mile trip home. THe next morning DEAD.
Took the car to the dealer I purchaed it from, after another jump start.
Saturn of Troy started working on the car 2/20. (The car has 10,400 miles)
So far they ahve confirmed a constant 1 amp drain on the electrical system while parked.
They have confirmed it is not the aftermarket DVD.
They have been in contact with the factory to try and isolate the problem.

On Friday 2/22/08 the dealer gave me the good news. They had determined that there were no wiring issues. I had two bad computers. They had repalced both systems and my truck was ready. (They called at 4:30 pm)
When I arrived at the dealership at 5:00pm, the Service Manager assured me my truck would be ready in a few minutes.
I sent my ride home, waited in the lobby for almost an hour. Just before they closed at 6 pm, and very upset mechanic came looking for me. Neither of the new computers are working after they turned off the truck and tried to restart it.

Atleast they got me a rental car so I could get home.

Not a happy Saturn Owner.

By the way, I talked to a Saturn Outlook and an Acadia owner at work.
They have both experienced what I call sudden battery death in the past few months.

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