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Doug Goldberg
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Re: How to Install OEM Navigation into the Outlook - An Illustrated Guide

I was able to finally get the time to install my new nav system in my wifes 09 Outlook XR. It was really quite easy thanks to Kevins great instructions. ( I will post pics in a day or two to follow-up). The kit that I purchased was from Ebay member Tauk. He ended up having the best price for the full kit with new equipment. He has many auctions for nav radios. I found him to be very helpful and delivered exactly what he promised with support. I would buy from him again without hesitation.

I received a new 09 Nav radio (with DVD/RSE outs), a GPS antenna, Nav Disk 7.3 (latest) a manual, and a VSS/Voice cable for $1125 delivered. Everything was brand new, sealed. Since the radio had never been installed there was no theft lock and it did not therefore require any dealer programming. The only issue that I had was that my car was not pre-wired with the C4 connector which contains the VSS (vehicle speed sensor). As a result I had to use the C4 connector that came in my kit and tap into the VSS signal at a junction box under the dash. It was quite easy. My C4 connector from the kit is also wired to accept a backup camera input and Tony (TAUK) told me that next month the OEM camera supplier will have a full kit for Lamda's for about $250. I may do this upgrade and the pre-wired C4 will be helpful. I also backed-up my NAV disk onto my network and made a backup disk just in case. The NAV DVD has about 8GB of data on it so its quite large and required DVD-DL disk.

The Nav works great and overall very pleased. I have owned/used Garmin and Magellan PND's and the Nav function seems quite comparable. There was no way I was going spring for 2400 from the factory so a little over 1K seems like a decent deal. I was very close to putting a Kenwood nav in but really wanted the factory integration and did not like the need to have several extra boxes to make the steering wheel controls and other functions operate. I was looking at a Kenwood DNX5120 with a couple of PAC integration boxes, dash kit and cables it was about the same cost as the radio from Tony. I will probably add one of the Ipod integration devices (I'd like the GM PAL) in the future as well as the camera. I was able to find the full pinout for all the radio connectors and I can see that the C3 connector has the DVD video outputs on it so I can run a remote monitor if I want to. I have asked Tony to get me a C3 connector so I can have that option available. I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone who wants to upgrade to a NAV radio consider this option.
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