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Re: Thumping/Clunking Noise, anyone?Steering/turning issues at low speed

I have the same problem with my 2008 with 18,000 miles, I have taken the car to the dealership 6 times for this issue the first time last April, when I got a smile and the we can't duplicate the problem. Only when I went in armed with about 75 pages from this site and the acadia site concerning this and 4 trips to the dealership concerning this did we get a response. I have also contacted Saturn and they have opened a file, my Saturn rep that is helping with my file is located in South America! (?) I had the service manager ride with me for two days and the car finally made the noise, they had someone else drive the car and they felt the "bump/hesitation" in the steering and decided to look into the steering column. They did find an issue and replaced the column. However I picked up the car at lunch today less than 20 miles after the fix the car did it again, this time not while turning left, but going straight. I know what the ABS self test sounds/feels like and this is a completely different issue.

* update* I took my car back to the dealership yesterday for the service manager to drive it all day and then home last night to try to duplicate the problem, he heard it a little last week while I was driving. Well, the car finally did it with him driving, needless to say he was surprised. It was at low speed, turning in a parking lot. he thought it sounded like the tire dragging something under the car, but then the steering tightened and it would not turn for a second. Once the noise stopped, the steering returned to normal. Once he finally felt it he called GM and explained what he heard and asked for suggestions, they had expanded the vin numbers on an earlier tsb for ABS noise #2133964 mine fell in the new numbers so they reprogrammed the electronic brake control module. My service manager also marked something under the car, so if it does it again he wants to see if that moved. They opened a case with GM tech support to see if anyone else is having this problem, I was like "hello" remember all the pages I gave you? We might not be describing it the same way, but it's the same issue.
I am just thankful that they dupicated it realized it is just not a noise that it driving me crazy, I told one guy the noise did not bother me, it was the fact I could not turn my car that was the problem.

So far they have:
1. lubed the boot
2. replaced the column
3. reprogrammed the electronic brake control module

I will keep you posted on the progress.

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