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Re: Sporadic Battery Drain / Dead Battery

I have a 2007 Outlook. I have had to replace the battery 3 times. Everytime I take it to the dealer they say it is a bad battery. It happens about every 6 months. The only pattern I have been able to determine is that each time it has happened my car was parked anywhere from 1 to 3 days without being driven. I accidently signed on to the Saturn Sky forum and found that many of them are having a similar problem. One person said that they were told that OnStar was a draw on the battery and could be causing the problem. My husband, who knows more about cars than I do, says that the battery should not be drained after sitting for only a couple of days. Does anyone have any insight to what is going on? I lease and I still have about 7 more months on the lease so trading ti in isn't an option at this time. I just have a problem with the reliability.
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