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Re: Where's all our forum members at?

Like theclarkfam I intend to drive the wheels off this one. So, I am more than casually interested in not only the issues on this Lambda but also reading about the high points (positive) experiences by others here. Kinda' think the idea of regularly jumping in to say hi is good but I also believe the majority of the folks who have these Lambdas, in particular the Outlook, are out there driving 'em trouble free and living life.

I make a point of surfing all the Lamda sites and just don't jump out to post unless I can contribute and possibly make a difference/help.

I try to initiate my posts here first and if a benefit exists in the other Lambdas will post a link there. I agree with Outlooks are no more so no new "NEWBIES". When an Outlook owner that has been chasing issues and not getting them resolved finds this site, he/she will want the "world" to know of his/her dissatisfaction.

The importance of all these Lambda sites is the commonality of drivetrain and equipment options and therein lies the "safety net" for us Outlook Lambda owners.

Thanks for keeping this one alive

Just my .02.


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