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Re: Where's all our forum members at?

FWIW: I visit this forum, along with the Acadia forum because your Lambdas have been around the longest, and any issues that may come along, for sure you've come across them. I treat all the Lambdas as the same, regardless of what the outside skin, and interior detailing is. I understand they are the same mechanically, so the important things will be discussed on any of the forums, and will apply to all. I will never feel that my Enclave is anything above an Outlook, Acadia, or Traverse that's just foolishness (some of you paid more for your Outlooks, then my CX $35,840 MSRP it really doesn't matter)....but I chose the Enclave for various reasons, looks, standard features and option packaging, longer warranty, dealer, but I was considering all 3 (Traverse wasn't quite out yet when we were seriously looking, but I kind of considered that as well, just didn't want to wait ). Sorry the Outlook isn't being made anymore, and too bad there's not more action on this forum, but I understand there are so fewer owners, just makes sense. What I find facinating is how different the audience is on the 4 forums, in general...for sure there are several, myself included, who are on all 4, but the general tone is a little different on each, which makes them all fun, and unique. I won't try and give my own analysis, but I'm sure you all kind of know, if you've been on the other forums, that each has a little different feel to it.

I hope they continue to keep this forum alive, nice to hear all the experience, good and bad.

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