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Re: Outlook Gas Mileage - What to do????

More info on your driving habits is needed to even start to help;

1)Where do you live? Lots of stop and go? Heavy traffic?

2)Do you accelerate quickly? Gun it a alot?

This topic has been discussed at length on all the forums. I get 12 to 14 in town. Lots of stop and go. I get 19 to 23 on the highway depending on wind direction. The best speed for optimal MPG is 60 to 65, hit 70 and it will drop.

When you fill up are you filling up to the same point each time. 1st click or do you keep topping off. I don't know of anyone that has found a mechanical reason for low MPG. I got the same mileage on my 07 Outlook that didn't have the DI engine that I get now on my 09 Acadia that has a DI.

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