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Re: Outlook Gas Mileage - What to do????

Originally Posted by Wingmn
My average over 8700 miles is 21.46...

2009-11-27 572.5 mi. 23.4 US gal $2.499 24.47 US Ave MPH 54.2
2009-09-24 570 mi. 23.12 US gal $2.459 24.65 US Ave MPH 55.1
21.46 - about 1 MPG better than mine. Must be the DI engine.

23.4 and 23.12 gallons?? I'm beginning to wonder if I really have a 24 gallon tank. I'm thinking of putting a gas can in the back and drive until it runs out just to see what the DIC would say. The DIC stops telling me miles to go around 40 miles. Even then, it won't take 22 gallons. The most I ever put in was 21.7 gallons. Maybe when the miles to go stops declining, I should just switch over and watch the gallons used until it gets over 23.5.

Hopefully, jacksaturn can give our driving techniques a try and see if his mileage improves.

P.S. Next time my wife asks me why I keep writing down all this stuff I can tell her I'm helping other Lambda owners and besides I'm not the only one!

2008 Saturn Outlook XR FWD
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