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Re: Where's all our forum members at?

Originally Posted by 09Enclave
Quick question, does your Outlook XE have the following: Dual exhaust, power liftgate, HID headlights, 6-way power driver/2-way power passenger seats, leather wrapped steering wheel with audio controls, tri-zone auto climate, universal home remote (homelink), turn signals in the mirrors, auto dimming inside rear view mirror? All that is standard on the base Enclave, and the longer warranty (4 years, 50,000miles), and the quiet tuning, which is more sound deadening.

However, I see you have AWD, that makes yours more expensive, mine is FWD.
I'm a little late replying since I have not been on this forum in a couple of months. I have an '08 Outlook XR, 2wd. I have all the above except perhaps the HIDs (but those may be there even though they were not listed in my option packages since they light up the road so well when I go to brights.) I don't have all the notes from when I was shopping, but IIRC each of the 3 (before the Traverse) when equipped with the same options, were pretty close to the same price. I think the Outlook I got had more the options I wanted and fewer that I did not than any Enclave I could find locally.

The main difference was you could get a base Outlook with a few less features than the Acadia for a little less. The base Enclave was closer to an XR Outlook in features and price. I went with the Outlook because I found one with all the options I wanted and few of the one I did not want in a color combo I liked. I do think I like the looks with the wrap around rear glass, etc. best of the three, well now four.

I went ahead and added 6 years/ 90,000 miles ($100 deduct) GMPP Major Guard warranty a few weeks before the 1st birthday. So, for a little over $1000 I have full coverage through 7 years and 98K miles. It is paid for so don't have to worry as much about the value. I'm still trying to wear out my '00 Trooper as a daily driver. The wife's '04 Envoy is holding up pretty well. The '08 Outlook has turned into her daily driver since she is retired so the miles are going on slowly.

Love the Outlook

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