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Re: Where's all our forum members at?

Originally Posted by The Plainsman
We're still ticking. 2007 Outlook owner here (49,000 miles, 1 set of new 19inch tires replaced, warranty now expired). Haven't been on this board since 2008, maybe? I guess the novelty of the Outlook has worn off and worries about resale value and such have set in, given the disappearance of Saturn. My dealer is basically gone. The Saturn sign removed. I'm told I can still get service at the same location because the dealer owner also owned the GMC dealership and Buick dealership right next door. I wouldn't want to have a brand new or almost new Saturn right now. I'm going to keep mine as long as it's ticking and inexpensive to maintain. It's worth more to me than I could probably get for it, although sometimes I kick myself for not buying an Acadia when I made my purchase decision exactly three years ago. I'd never owned a Saturn before buying the Outlook, which I bought fully loaded: trailering package, Xenon headlights, leather, upgraded sound system, navigation, 19 inch tires and upgraded wheels, dual moon roofs, etc. Fortunately, the only annoying problem that I've had was a power driver's seat that had faulty controls. Fortunately the problem surfaced while the car was still under warranty. And I wore out my 19 inchers at about 42,000 miles. We've taken our Outlook on vacations from Hilton Head Island to Martha's Vineyard and Minneapolis, Minnesota. I've stuffed it with all manner of stuff for my 18year old to move her to college out of state and bring her home during breaks. I don't have a boat but the trailering package has been great for an upscale multiple-bike mount that I've used frequently. I don't like those cheap bike carriers that touch the back of your vehicle.

Being among the first to buy this vehicle I can say that I have no regrets for the most part. It's ironic, though, that my first Saturn will be my last. I'll probably move to Acura if I think I still want an SUV that seats more than five. Six months after I bought the Outlook I purchased a new 2008 Acura RDX (5 seater) as my every day commuter. It was also my first Acura. Last time I checked that company is still around and will be forever. I'm equally pleased with that purchase as I am with my Outlook.

So, I'll drive my Outlook until it falls apart in the street, I guess, then make a decision. So long Saturn. I hardly knew ye.
I wouldn't say forever on anything these days, any company can go out of business. Just a question, there will still be Lambda vehicles to purchase (Traverse, Acadia, Enclave), why not get one of those? Especially the Acadia, it's virtually identical to the Outlook, more than the other two. Sounds like you like your Outlook, glad to hear it. There is not another vehicle out there that competes with the Lambdas 100%. If you want cheaper, you lose features, if you want more luxury, you lose the passenger and cargo room. Then, there's gas milage...I have not found another 8 passenger CUV/SUV that gets 24 MPG on the freeway, AND had 288 H.P.

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