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Sway bar replacement

I read the previous posts regarding front end rattles and sway bar issues and thought that was the problem that I was having. I jacked up the car and checked the passenger side (this is where the rattle seems to becoming from) and the sway bar was tight. I didn't jack up the drivers side put but reached around the tire and the sway bar was nice and firm. Would it make a difference if I didn't jack up the drivers side due to the load on the sway bar (10 degrees outside a bit cold)? The car drives nice and straight with no bounce which would indicate a strut issue. I also read a posting about someone having hood spring issue. Because the car drive well it seems like this seems to be a basic/easy repair and I would hate to take it to a mechanic at $120/hr to fix something that I can. Any thoughts regarding what I may be missing?
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