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Re: Acadia vs Outlook Sales

Originally Posted by admin
Hi Nimbu, I'd like to comment on a few of your remarks...
So you think buying a GMC is taking a hit in the status department vs. Saturn? GMC is probably the second most prestigious brand GM has, under Cadillac. It's true that Saturn is making an attempt to move out of last place in the prestige department, but I highly doubt it'll pass GMC by the time people are ready to sell their vehicles. By then the Acadia Denalis will be out - what will Outlook have in comparison, prestige-wise?
Let me tell you MY experience with my local Saturn dealership. We actually went to test drive an Outlook first, since it was a Sunday and the GMC dealership was closed. We loved it. Started the process of gather pricing etc. About 3 days later, we finally got around to test driving an Acadia, and did the same with their pricing, incentives, deals, etc. They gave us the conquest bonus ($1k), Supplier Pricing (about $1800 off MSRP) and the Feb $500 bonus. Now keep in mind, this didn't even include the GM card savings others have talked about (we dont have that card). I told the GMC dealer that we were cross shopping with the Outlook. He raved about it, saying how awesome all these Lambdas were and how we couldn't go wrong with them. Said Saturn dealerships were very straightforward and wouldn't give you the run-around. Bottom line, he was exceptionally courteous to his GM partner brand. Went back to the sales manager at Saturn the next day, told him the deal I was getting and that I was leaning toward the Acadia. He spend the next 20 minutes telling me how lousy and crooked GMC dealers were. He said the Acadias were QUOTE "pieces of junk" compared to the Outlook and I was wasting my time comparing them. Beyond that, he couldn't budge on the price, oh yeah, they did have a $200 dealer incentive and he'd HONOR that. (later I found it was posted on their website for anyone to print - so he wasn't exactly doing me a favor). The bottom line - he trashed his GM partner for no good reason, and overpriced his vehicle by something like $1400 compared to the similarly equipped Acadia ... of which I am now a proud owner.

Since that time, I started and ran,, and for almost 5 months, I've read literally almost EVERY lambda article anywhere online, spent thousands of hours searching, compiling and collecting Lambda data. Had several hour long conversations with Peter Nico Jr. - the Vehicle Line Director for all Lambdas, and countless other conversations with GM employees that build these vehicles at the Lansing Delta Plant. I KNOW the Lambdas pretty well. I'm here to tell you that the Sales Manager at that Saturn Dealership (in Sterling, VA) was spouting pure, unadulterated BS all in an attempt to "win me over".

Now I know that's only one guy at one dealership, but that's simply no way to run a business and I'll never buy a car from there again because of it.
When I read this, I thought for sure you were talking about the Saturn dealer in Ft. Wayne, In. Remember, Saturn is "A Different Kind of Car Company". They must have both had the same sales training. I had never had a worse experience with a car dealer once they thought I was going to buy from them. Their the main reason I've got a Enclave on order.
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