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Re: Outlook Gas Mileage - What to do????

Towing, it's worse. I got 15 MPG or better towing, once as high as 18, but it was really unhappy going much over 60 MPH towing. The Outlook was happy as a clam at 67 MPH and would have gone faster if I wanted. It mostly stayed out of 6th on it's own in tow mode, didn't have to manually lock it out.

If I locked the Odyssey out of OD, though, it'd drop a lot. First tank I towed in D3 (it only had a 4 speed auto) and got 12 MPG. Towing in D4 (overdrive) was OK as long as it wasn't shifting in and out of OD constantly. On flat ground it generally didn't, so I'd leave it in D4. I towed through the mountains of WV in D3 and got 13.5.

Overall, I averaged 20 MPG over the 160,000 miles I had it. Too soon to tell how the Outlook is going to compare. Initial around town MPG seems a couple points less, haven't done a full tank on the road yet, but the sampling I did on Sunday looked promising. I think the best tank I had in the Ody was 24 MPG.

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