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Re: GM recall-Lambda's with heated washer systems

Originally Posted by ponchonutty
As an owner, you can always opt out of a recall. My dad did with his Harley Ford F150 years ago. Now on this heater washer mechanism it is just like any other heater element. Simular as those in a heating pad like in heated seats. Change the resistance going to the coil(s) changes the amount of heat they can generate. Do I still have a potential fire risk? Compared to a complete removal of the system; sure.
Good luck with that. Not being able to opt out is why I don't have my Outlook anymore. Dealer would not listen to me when I didn't want the sunroof drain hose recall done (had been done before the recall and no leaks, they did it anyway, did it wrong, leaked even worse, ruined headliner, etc...). If it can be dangerous to others (car catching fire while going down road causing you to potentially wreck, hit someone else, etc...) it must be done.

Now, if we can just get a recall on some if not most drivers I would feel even safer.

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