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Re: Weird intermittent humming noise...

Originally Posted by XRDreamliner
I stand corrected... it has "Panic Brake Assist", not "Brake Assist", and the fore-mentioned Hill-Descent. Probable cause: a late night and too much at Happy Hour.

You say you inspected the rotors... with a run-out gage? If you do get a slight wobble only with the brakes applied, odds are good you have a "warped" rotor (vs. an out-of-balance wheel). The "warped" rotor, as exhaustively explained on the StopTech website, is a rotor that has developed high spots of brake material which cause the brake pads to not ride flat on the rotor surface.

Could it be your problem? Maybe so, maybe not...
I did not use a run-out guage, don't know if the dealer did or not when they rotated the tires and I asked them to check them out as well. I've had the very slight wobble for 5k miles before this started happening. I would say it is a possibility, but it was only the last time that it happened when I applied the brakes. Every other time it comes while I'm cruising down the highway and the brakes didn't make it worse. Maybe it's gotten worse to the point that the brakes will now cause it? Just weird that it comes and goes like that, like something has to get to a certain temperature for it to happen and any time it's cooler or hotter it doesn't do it. It also only happens at freeway speeds.

Hasn't happened at all this week, but I've just been going the 8.5 miles to and from work.

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