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Re: Outlook transmission: bad wave plate or bad customer service

Originally Posted by OutlookDriver
By the way, in this transmission the only way to access the filter is to take the transmission apart by removing the front end, drive shaft, etc., about 10 hours worth of work and about the same to put it all together again. While your in there at such cost, you might as well replace anything else that may be slightly worn. So 20 hours times a dealerships mechanics fee to replace a $20 faulty wave plate.
Is this how they do it? they remove the front end- and im guessing radiator and that stuff- to be able to remove the trans ONLY...? did you see them do this?

Im asking because the way were used to seeing the trans come out-- is when they drop the engine,trans, front suspension as a whole....

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Re: Outlook transmission: bad wave plate or bad customer service

I am by no means knowledgeable in automotive mechanics. I have not seen how it is done. I am passing this on from a private mechanic of excellent repute who has worked on an Acadia with the same transmission. He also has a friend who works for a GM dealership whom he called on our behalf, who spoke of the same involved procedure.
As well, and perhaps more distressing, the customer service rep from the dealership in question told me that the diagnosis was made by observation of metal filings found by draining transmission fluid. When I asked how the head mechanic for the dealership previously diagnosed the issue as a bad wave plate, he steered the conversation to the compensation offer. Again I questioned him, the customer service agent, how his head mechanic knew it was a bad wave plate if now the rep is saying they never took it apart. He replied that it is too much work to break it down, about ten hours of work.
I believe that this is true, that the dealership never took it apart. Now this is pure conjecture I admit, but the first thought that hit me was that they get so many of these cases that they knew just by looking at the type of filings that it was pieces of the wave plate. I cannot think of another reason why they would offer a "new transmission out of the box" sight unseen. (Are new transmissions still available, or did the rep really mean to say rebuilt?)
The head mechanic was one of the reasons we kept going back to this dealership for service. He has always been truthful and respectful to my wife when she brought the vehicle in, making room for her schedule and always offering a loaner vehicle. Even when his staff botched a seal when working on the timing chain recall (three times), my wife felt that she still wanted to go back because she was treated very well there.
I cannot say the same for the treatment I received over the phone from the dealership customer service rep, of all people.
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Re: Outlook transmission: bad wave plate or bad customer service

Originally Posted by OutlookDriver
... (Are new transmissions still available, or did the rep really mean to say rebuilt?) ...
I'd be willing to bet that there aren't any new transmissions available, and never were. I know that Honda dealers don't install new transmissions, only rebuilds, and I believe the same is true of Lexus based on my friend who once worked at a Lexus dealer. In fact, in both cases dealer mechanics aren't permitted, at least for warranty work, to tear down the trannys, only replace them. When my first went out in my Honda Odyssey, it was a sticking solenoid and likely a simple fix without taking the trans apart, but Honda said to replace it.

My mechanic friend said that Lexus wanted to know why every trans failed and that's why they required a replacement and to send the bad one to them.

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Re: Outlook transmission: bad wave plate or bad customer service

At the suggestion of a friend, I contacted a local news station regarding this situation and got a reply from the news director. He mentioned contacting the local branch of the Attorney General's office. I hope it doesn't have to go that direction. He also mentioned contacting someone from the family that owns the dealership. I'll see where it goes.
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Re: Outlook transmission: bad wave plate or bad customer service

Well, four days later and no reply from the dealership.

However, I have also been chatting with a GM customer service agent on another forum:
Through private email:
"Thank you for taking the time to email me with your concerns. I apologize for your frustrations. I see that the dealer offered to cover 50% of the repairs. That was something the dealer was offering and unfortunately I cannot change the resolution of your case. I apologize for your frustrations and inconvenience."
GM Customer Service

Thank you for looking into it for my family and your apologies too.
So, OK, the dealership has taken back their offer. Does that mean GM is taking back their half too? I would be willing to take up what the dealership has reneged on if GM would cover the other half of the original offer.
Or could I take the vehicle to another GM dealer, who would like my future business, to have them honor Matthews deal?
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Re: Outlook transmission: bad wave plate or bad customer service

Why is the wave plate issue not a recall? There are dozens of posts on this forum alone. Visit the Acadia, Traverse, and Enclave forums and you will see many more posts about this issue. Add to that the dozens of forums that I have visited these past weeks which have similar posts. What does it take for a recall to occur? Below is one such post regarding a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) of this very well known problem that cuts across all GM brands:

I just found a bulletin on this issue that sounds exactly like your problem, the trans issue is related to an internal clutch wave plate that breaks. The repair is to take the trans out and apart for repair.

While I realize that this is not good news, it at least verifies that the issue is not computer related so you at least know what you are paying for is indeed necessary.

here is the bulletin info...


Bulletin No.: 09-07-30-012A

Date: January 12, 2010

Subject: No Reverse, 3rd or 5th, Check Engine Light Illuminated, DTC P0776 (Replace 3-5 Reverse Clutch Plate (Waved)

2008-2009 Buick Enclave
2008-2009 Chevrolet Equinox, Malibu
2009 Chevrolet Traverse
2007-2009 GMC Acadia
2007-2009 Pontiac G6
2008-2009 Pontiac Torrent
2007-2009 Saturn AURA, OUTLOOK
2008-2009 Saturn VUE
All Equipped with 6T70/75 6-Speed Automatic Transmission (RPOs MH2, MH4, MH6 or MY9)

This bulletin is being revised to update the information. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 09-07-30-012 (Section 07 - Transmission/Transaxle).


Some customers may comment about an SES light and/or no reverse and may also comment on a slip / flare or harsh shifts in drive range 3rd and/or 5th gear. Upon investigation, the technician may find DTC P0776 (Clutch Pressure Control (PC) Solenoid 2 - Stuck Off) set. Any one of the following codes may set independent of each other as a result of this wave plate breaking: P0777, P2723, P0717, P0716, P2715, P2714.


This condition may be caused by a broken 35R clutch wave plate allowing the apply piston to over-stroke, causing the piston to leak and causing loss of apply. This normally will not occur before approximately 32,000 km (20,000 mi). Debris generated by the condition can affect the operation of the speed sensors and other clutches.


It is recommended that a new plate be installed any time the transmission is disassembled for any reason.

The Control Solenoid (w/body and TCM) Valve Assembly should not be washed in a parts cleaner.

Read more: 60 mph, engine reved momentarily then dropped..slowed..20 mph - JustAnswer http://www.justanswer.com/saturn/4d6...#ixzz2AGnWfWbV
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Re: Outlook transmission: bad wave plate or bad customer service

While speaking with the Attorney Generals Office, I was told that perhaps the transmission issue faced or facing many Outlook, Acadia, Enclave, and Traverse owners may be of interest to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That is the agency that decides if a safety issue warrants a recall from the manufacturer.
Help us all by looking up the following site and filing a safety complaint and tell your story. If enough of us register our tansmission problems, it may eventually lead to a recall of the transmission from GM:
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Re: Outlook transmission: bad wave plate or bad customer service

Recalls are only done if the issue is safety related. Just because this tranny fails because of a Chinese waveplate will never make it a recall. This is certainly the case when the NHTSA and GM are owned by the same entity.
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Re: Outlook transmission: bad wave plate or bad customer service

As with the mentioned politics, this IS[/color] a safety issue. Read through the copious amounts of incidents posted to this forum (and others) involving involuntary shifting and coming out of gear at speed are to name perhaps the most disconcerting safety issues. My wife and kids were lucky to be at low speed coming off a traffic light and stuck by the roadside in town. If the same incident happened outside of our mountainous, often snowy little town in winter, things would have been a bit more troublesome.
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Re: Outlook transmission: bad wave plate or bad customer service

My 2008 Saturn Outlook XR AWD, transmission went out on me yesterday . It's going to cost me 5k to get it repair. I had contacted GM about the safety concern on this vehicle and GM turn their back on me. I had also file a complaint thru NHTSA (SAFERCAR.GOV). I hope that with enough Saturn Outlook owner come fourth we could get this going with a class action. I am welling to contact any lawyer out their about the safety concern I have on these vehicle. This is my only vehicle for my family and it is Thanksgiving holiday too.

After calling and emailing GM, this is what GM answer to me for my transmission went out on my 2008 Saturn Outlook XR AWD. I told GM that my vehicle was not safe on the road and had sudden acceleration problem and this is what GM expert have to answer me with. "so my email could be read by GM and their employees and make joke and laugh at it". "No we know your vehicle is not safe on the road but we at GM does not care with happen to you or your love one and anyone else on the road".


-Edited by Global Moderator - The email previously posted here was modified by the poster, therefore can not be trusted for it's content. While we allow people to "rant" we will reserve the right to edit out information that cannot be verifed or displays personal unpublished contact information.
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