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Superfan 04-26-2015 09:59 PM

Climate Controls Replacement DIY

Like many have posted on this forum and others, the buttons on the climate controls in the Lambdas are subject to premature wear.

BEFORE the replacement you can see that mine have wear on the temp +/- controls and the "AUTO" button:

I purchased a replacement unit an embarrassingly long time ago and finally got around to installing this morning.

To complete the replacement you'll need the following:

1. A trim removal tool
2. A T15 Torx Driver to remove and re-install the 4 mounting screws for the climate control
3. A flat head screwdriver is handy to release the clips on the electrical harnesses and help pry them out.
4. A thin cloth to use in conjunction with your trim removal tool to prevent trim damage when prying.

The first step is to carefully remove the trim plate that holds the climate controls. Another user doing a nav install suggested also removing the covered storage bin above but I was able to do this project without doing that. It may be marginally easier if you were to take these additional steps. For details on that, take a look at this post:

To remove the trim plate, I started on the upper right side to the right of the air flow dial. Before you try inserting any trim tool - be sure to protect all surfaces with a cloth to avoid marring or damaging any trim.

The first one was the hardest, had to gradually apply pressure and work the trim tool in enough until I could pop the clip. Once the first one was done, the rest were a breeze. I just continued with the tool down the right side popping a couple more times before I could pull the entire piece of trim off. Once you've completed this step you'll see something like the photos below (note the clip locations).

Next you'll need to release and pull the four electrical connectors going into existing climate control. I took a picture of which connectors go where before I started but I later noticed the connectors are colour coded and the colours are listed above each connection on the back of the climate control.

Don't plug the connectors into the new unit just yet - I did this and found it difficult to get the new unit in this way.

Next, remove the T15 torx screws from the existing unit, replace with the new unit, and snug the 4 screws back down. Almost there. Again, following the colour coding, plug the 4 electrical connectors into the new unit.

You may want to power the car on at this point just to be sure the unit works properly. The last step is to carefully pop the trim back into place.

If you are successful - you should have nice unblemished climate controls once again.

A couple things you may notice:

1. Exterior temperature is displayed on the new unit - nice.
2. AUX control on the old unit is now labeled REAR.

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