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pcn1985 08-23-2019 02:30 AM

Manage this addiction with an accountability partner
Ever since the story of man started, there was this cunning plot to destroy him. In the story of Adam and Eve‘s temptation, the tempter appealed to the imaginations of the person. There is nothing new; it is still the same plot. Today, the subtle plot lives on by utilizing the print media and the internet. It creeps into innocent homes through seductive and sensual images we call porn. Because this is done in secret places, before someone get to know it, our family member or maybe we, ourselves, are already addicted to it and cannot find a way out. If submitting to some therapy sound shameful, it will be best to have an accountability app installed in your smartphone at home. This will help to prevent easy access to unfavorable sites. It will also support some honest intentions to stay out of porn addiction.
What then is the best accountability app?We find a list of this software in the internet with all the features needed to really help one desiring to break free from porn addiction. But first know that the way to gain freedom from porn addiction have to start from a firm decision to stay away from online sites bearing the irresistible temptation to linger and anything by which one might be tempted again. To this is added a downloaded accountability app to manage one’s viewing time, prevent easy access to sites with mature and malicious contents and monitor the progress he is making through emailed reports and assistance from experts who will be supporting the client all the way. Other helpful resources will be provided as needed.
One need not be embarrassed to be in this situation. What is important is that you have embarked on the road to your freedom. The more we open ourselves to confront our weaknesses, the easier it will be for us to overcome. To complete the process, the intervention of an accountability partner must be included. His role is very important as he will be someone the client can confidently talk to and share his progress with. The accountability partner will also be required to do some important reports and follow-ups based on the materials of the software. He will have to work with the client and the accountability app to ensure a successful withdrawal. Porn addiction is something everyone must seriously stay away from. Protecting our families and our homes from pornography in any form it may come is a noble responsibility. Start with this one porn blocker software now.

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