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scotted73 04-27-2007 11:10 AM

Tire pressure monitor system
Well, I picked up my Outlook XR AWD on April 21st. Needless to say, we were very excited. We ran some errands and went to a birthday party for a friend of my daughter. Along the way, we added purchasing Road-hazard insurance to our list of errands for the next day. After the party we decided to take the scenic route home and drive along the water (Mukilteo, WA) to "break in" the Outlook. We thought we had avoided what appeared to be some gravel on the road. A few miles down the road and the TPMS lights up and the DIC instructs me to check the right rear tire pressure. We pull over to a convenient store parking lot and assess the situation. As I walk around the back of the Outlook, I hear "ssssssssss." Crap! The tire was leaking due to a puncture. Only 47 miles on the odometer! An hour later we were on our way riding on a 17" hideous spare tire contrasting the 19" wheels on the Outlook.
The good news is that the tire was patchable and repaired by a Goodyear store certified to service TPMS equiped vehicles. The TPMS worked great as we did not feel the leaking tire becasue of the great ride.
Chalk one up to technology.

admin 04-27-2007 11:32 AM

Re: Tire pressure monitor system
Awesome! Sorry to hear about your flat so quickly, but it's great to hear that the TPMS performed exactly as it was supposed to! Without it, there's a good chance you would have driven on that tire until it was nearly flat and possibly even ruined it to the point of making it unpatchable. Very cool. I've had TPMS on my infiniti for 2 years but haven't had a flat yet to see it in action, although the ones on our Acadia did show that the tires weren't evenly inflated by the dealer.

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