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Re: Outlook Gas Mileage - What to do????

Originally Posted by 6Sixathome
I think the most I've ever got in the tank was 21.something and I stopped after the 1st click. The salesman said to turn the gas cap until it clicks 3 times anyone else? He said it may cause the DIC to read something about it not being tight, it's what I do and have'nt any issues so it must work .
If it's not tight you will get the check engine light because of a vacuume issue is all I know of.

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Re: Outlook Gas Mileage - What to do????

we average about 14 MPG. I got 12 in our Expedition, but on the interstate, which our Outlook does not regularly see, I got 24.5 MPG, cruising 75-80 MPH. I had just picked it up from getting it repaired, but the exhaust had to be replaced. Before the accident, the best we ever got was 21 MPG, and that was driving 65-70 MPH. Right now we are averaging 15 MPG city, and I have not changed driving style at all.

BTW, the best our Expedition ever got was 17.5 MPG...

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Re: Outlook Gas Mileage - What to do????

I hate beating the bones of a long dead horse but yes these vehicles do suck on the gas mileage a bit. Case in point my wife is the key driver for the outlook and she loves to leave the defrost on. When she does this the A/C compressor turns on as well and it will cause a major drag on the engine making your gas mileage drop very low or in my case a couple day ago to 14 MPG and that was all city driving. It would be nice to use the defrost and leave the compressor off.

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Re: Outlook Gas Mileage - What to do????

I just bought a 2008 Outlook XR with 5,000k and drove it 1,000k to get home. I averaged 20 - 24mpg driving 65 - 75. I was pretty happy with that, but must say I am not looking forward to the mileage once I start city driving. My 2001 Chev Venture that I replaced with the Outlook faithfully got 22mpg on the highway, so I am hoping my Outlook will match that.

I've read all the posts about the mileage on the Outlook and am wondering if anyone has done some trials on using mid grade or premium fuel? Does it make any difference, is it worth the extra cost? I did have one person who does all city driving say that their Outlook shifts up & down less often when they use premium fuel. Just curious.


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Re: Outlook Gas Mileage - What to do????

I just drove from OKC to Little Rock this weekend - 1 tank 543.1 Miles on 22 Gal. 24.69MPG. I did have the cruise set at 69MPH, so 1 mph under the speed limit.

If I dropped the speed down to 66 I saw 25.1 mpg.. Just thought I'd point that out...

Any time I drive her on the Interstate - 65mph-70mph no faster - also winds have a little to do with it.... stronger winds hurt mileage if they are head winds.. Tail winds improve mpg obviously....

My Average speed for that tank was 64 mph.

So, I was pushing 25 mpg. If you want to drive faster - you will hurt MPG. On the highway.

in town, if you want to jack-rabbit from red light to red light - or stop sign to stop sign you will see 14mpg... My worst tank since I bought the Outlook was 17mpg. That was the first tank.. After that I haven't gotten below 18. Although most people think I'm crazy for turtle starts (grandma driving) - I take my time getting up to speed. 2 mins of saved time is not worth it to me. It's far more worth it to me to get 20 - 22 mpg in my everyday driving than to save a few mins between getting from my house to the grocery store or work.

That is my opinion only That's one thing that is so AWESOME about our country - we are all allowed to have our own opinions And our own driving styles.. The speed limits aren't posted to see how fast we get accelerate up to them, they are posted so we don't exceed them for safety reasons... *shrug* I'll step off my soap box now.

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Re: Outlook Gas Mileage - What to do????

engine is tuned for regular.
so the fancier gas is really of no use-- unless youre getting pinging with regular.
You will most likely be throwing your money away by going to higher octance.

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Re: Outlook Gas Mileage - What to do????

The Outlook runs just fine on regular and I didn't notice a lick of difference when I filled it with premium fuel on several occasions.

One is better off simply to "ease" it up to between 90 to 95K/hr (55 to 60MPH) and you'll observe the best fuel economy. Nix the roof racks, pull the junk out of the trunk so to speak and again, you will likely observe even better economy. Headwind/tailwind has an effect too obviously. If you really want to go crazy with it, leave the passengers at home, skip lunch and turn off all accessories and close the vents. Follow a big truck on the highway if you must, but the wake it leaves behind will give you a more unsettled ride and probably you'll end up with a whole pile of road rash in your paint. Stop idling in the lineup at the touch-less carwash (you can kill a litre of gas just idling there for your turn) or at the corner store while you run in. It all makes a difference on how long your tank of gas lasts.

We could just plain forget about those "ratings" that were on the door sticker when it was on the dealers lot. Those simply are *NOT* reality and are difficult if not down right impossible to achieve on a normal driving basis. The reality is we all have to drive from point A to point B in a variety of weather, traffic conditions, detours or other variables that affect fuel economy. It's destiny.

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Re: Outlook Gas Mileage - What to do????

Well this is a 2.5 tonn truck, you should not expect to get very high mileage off it, especially where it comes to a lot of stop and go traffic. I had to use mine for commute for a month or so last summer, I was averaging 14-15MPG (15-16 L/100km) in city driving (Toronto here, so read this as stop and go pertty much). In the winter it gets considerably worse - 11-12MPG (19-20 L/100km). Not something I did not expect when I bouth the car though. I have seen higher mileage just few times when it was constant hwy speed for many miles (I think I've gone as good as 21-22 MPG (11L/100km), even with the car loaded to the max with people and luggage), which is more than what I expected.
My car has the "sport" transmission programming, has all extras (8 seater) XR AWD 08 (no DI engine). So the worst possible MPG scenario I guess

As for the OP - make sure you've got tire presure right, that hits bad when tires underinflated - like 2+ MPG. Headwinds don't help at all either. Not that you can change anything about the latter
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Re: Outlook Gas Mileage - What to do????

I have had my Saturn since November 2008. Stop and go driving really hurts the mileage. I have avoided the air conditioner. However, summer 2009 in Columbus OH was unusually cool and I could get away with not using it - however the wind noise from open windows is considerable. I will give the car a good test the weekend of May 29 - we are driving to Charleston SC. Good highway miles, but many miles in WV and VA will be very hilly. I will need to click on the air conditioner. I can just feel the engine drag when the compressor kicks in. Another thing that will make you good friends with Exxon is cold weather. In 15 degree weather the engine has a tough time getting going - oh it starts right up; but the accelleration, the ol get up and go, is lacking. I will usually remote start it and let it idle for five to eight minutes. Once the engine is warmed up, acceleration in normal. I also found that the engine began to run smoother after about 8000 miles. Now at 20,000 miles the economy and smoothness have improved considerably, however, it gets its best economy going downhill with a back wind (smile).
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Re: Outlook Gas Mileage - What to do????

I reply to Tim's note on February 15.

I am sure that the tank holds the stated amount of fuel. I believe that the gas gauge is calibrated to get us to the gas pump with plenty of reserve fuel, as the fuel is a coolant for the fuel pump. Yes, the fuel pump is usually in the fuel tank of the newer, fuel injected cars. With the constant motion of the car, the fuel moves over the fuel pump, cooling it. If the fuel level gets too low, part of the fuel pump may become exposed, then it becomes more difficult to dissipate its heat. Excessive heat is very likely to cause premature failure of the fuel pump. An expensive repair. After 50,000 miles it is your money - the fuel pump is not part of the Power Train.
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