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Hi All,

Realize this topic has been discussed in all the LAMBDA forums. My '09 Saturn has the factory navigation in dash and like others it bugged me to finally do something about the direction I was going at a glance (ya' just can't glance at the little red portion of the pyramid in the nav screen to know where North is).

Did some searching and scored a deal from someone locally to me who had advertised on Fleabay.

Here's the specific mirror I ended up with:

Its a GENTEX 261 out of a 2005 Cadillac CTS. It has Autodim, ONSTAR and compass. My mirror had Autodim and ONSTAR. Seller gave me a break in price for $30.00. The unplugging and disconnect of the mirror from it's base took all of 2 minutes. As soon as I mounted and plugged in this new (to me) mirror, I turned it on and she lit right up. 'Course the directions displayed were wrong. It took a couple of days for the calibration to finally settle in. I first picked the zone I physically lived in (it's in your owner's manual to calibrate these mirrors) for the zone you live in. Now, this is where the fun started. Drove onto an empty parking lot and VERY SLOWLY drove in a tight circle with the mirror on so that it can "find itself" and tell you where true North/South/East and West is. I must have spent 20 minutes doing this with no success in getting the mirror to display true direction. Finally gave up after resting for a few moments...was dizzy as **** LOL!

Decided just maybe I bought a pig in a polk. Forgot about it for the next of couple days until today. Had to get gas for her and as I'm pulling out of my drive I glanced at the mirror and she was reading true NW. Hmmmmm, let's see what she does when I turn right....true N!! Oh yeh! She finally calibrated herself.

Great little upgrade that allows you to, at a glance, know the direction you are headed at that moment. Oh, the ONSTAR works perfectly. Called 'em and let them know I had changed out my mirror and wanted to know if they could hear me OK (and see me too). No problem. Clear as bell! And they knew exactly where I was. The Autodim feature works exactly like the mirror I took off. Both from oncoming headlights as well as high beams from behind you.

Again, a nice upgrade.

Here's a couple of pics. The first is the mirror doing what it does best. The 2nd shot is of the 16 pin plug of the new mirror that my original mirror has. The mirror you purchase must have this 16 pin plug.

It's the little things!!


In God We Trust!
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