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Re: Service stabilitrak and service traction control light both on

Originally Posted by jamesnancy
I recently purchased an '08 Outlook. My wife and I had been looking for one since they were introduced, and the used prices had finally come down to where we would justify the cost. We LOVE the car a ton. I did my research, and we purchased a warranty with our Outlook, since it seems there some issues. We have had both the 'service stabilitrak' and 'service traction control' lights come on, but there doesn't seem to be any performance issues. The one question I do have is would a Buick/GMC dealer be able to do the work that might be necessary? The closest former Saturn dealer to us is about 40 miles away. There is a Buick/GMC dealer about two miles away, and I have had them do work for me before and have been pleased with their service. Any thoughts?
We bought an '09 used a little over a year ago and (in addition to the steering system and water pump being replaced) had a problem with the service stabilitrak/traction control/ABS lights that started about 3 months ago. Ours would come on randomly, and always go off after the ignition was off for a bit. Sometimes, they would come on after a few miles, sometimes after a hundred or more. The intermittent nature of ours led me to believe that it was more a bad electrical connection than a broken part. Onstar diagnosed as code C0161 "ABS/TCS Brake Switch Circuit Malfunction". An electrical problem.

After some online research, I found that a common problem with these cars is gradual corrosion on some of the electrical connectors that plug into the Body Control Module, located under the dashboard. The GM recommended repair is to put dielectric grease on the connectors to stop the corrosion. The module has 7 harness connectors, each with a couple of dozen small pins. I unplugged these (they are color coded), removed the BCM, and applied dielectric grease to all the pins, and to the female side on the harness. This was over 2 weeks ago and the lights have remained off ever since. I am considering the problem solved unless the same code is thrown again.

So, that worked for me, but make sure you know the code before attempting any repairs. Those lights can mean a million different things.

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