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Re: #08-07-30-022: Hesitation or Flat Spot Between 56-80 km/h (35-50 mph) (Reprogram

Hi Michelle, I appreciate your response, but I through now. I wasted 2 months dealing with the fake Saturn Business Resource Center that is actually outsourced by GM to Aditya Birla Minacs Corporation. The rep assigned to my case "Donald" was just rude and would speak to me as if I wouldn't know any better...but the real kicker was when I found out he wasnt even a GM employee.

Aftwards, I contacted GM Executives offices, and went through the entire song and dance again, with a new case number (my 4th) and starting fresh with someone else who is not technical and has to call the same people again for information. At that point I couldnt believe this was actuallly happening. The outcome...I was offered $3k (apparently that is the "standard"). The GM offices didnt even know I was previsouly offered $3k and declined it! What is wrong with these people! I wanted $3k PLUS the Cost of excess fuel consumption of $5800 (june) now $5950. Every month I spend another $150 in unnessary fuel.

Michelle....I am done with GM, they have consumed way too much of my time. My next step is to contact the Attorney General of MI and afterwards small claims court. I was asking for $3k GM Loyalty Certificate PLUS $5800 fuel reimbursement PLUS Current Incentives to consider moving forward to buy a new car. Now I have no interest since this is they way GM treats its customers, especially after such a big bailout.

I have ALL data to support my findings, I have brought my car to do a fuel economy test (waste of my time since they are only going to drive it around - that is exacly what I do)...but to be honest, there is NO fix for this problem. I would need the money to apply towards a new GM and they will not give it to me.

If you think you can escalate this, I can give you all of the case numbers, including the very first one when I initially reported a problem with GM in 2009.
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