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Re: Outlook transmission: bad wave plate or bad customer service

I am by no means knowledgeable in automotive mechanics. I have not seen how it is done. I am passing this on from a private mechanic of excellent repute who has worked on an Acadia with the same transmission. He also has a friend who works for a GM dealership whom he called on our behalf, who spoke of the same involved procedure.
As well, and perhaps more distressing, the customer service rep from the dealership in question told me that the diagnosis was made by observation of metal filings found by draining transmission fluid. When I asked how the head mechanic for the dealership previously diagnosed the issue as a bad wave plate, he steered the conversation to the compensation offer. Again I questioned him, the customer service agent, how his head mechanic knew it was a bad wave plate if now the rep is saying they never took it apart. He replied that it is too much work to break it down, about ten hours of work.
I believe that this is true, that the dealership never took it apart. Now this is pure conjecture I admit, but the first thought that hit me was that they get so many of these cases that they knew just by looking at the type of filings that it was pieces of the wave plate. I cannot think of another reason why they would offer a "new transmission out of the box" sight unseen. (Are new transmissions still available, or did the rep really mean to say rebuilt?)
The head mechanic was one of the reasons we kept going back to this dealership for service. He has always been truthful and respectful to my wife when she brought the vehicle in, making room for her schedule and always offering a loaner vehicle. Even when his staff botched a seal when working on the timing chain recall (three times), my wife felt that she still wanted to go back because she was treated very well there.
I cannot say the same for the treatment I received over the phone from the dealership customer service rep, of all people.
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