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As the title suggests, my '07 Outlook FWD will not stay running after recent work I did to it. Below is some disclosures about this vehicle then details of the work I did and finally a summary of my latest troubleshooting and results.

- I bought this vehicle from Auction
- It has 147k miles on it
- It has clearly had at least 1 minor front end impact (fender damage, broken fascia etc.)
- It fired up and ran with a slight miss after I bought it and replaced the battery
- It drove into the garage I did the recent work in with only a Knock 2 DTC set (known fried wiring)
- I went to replace the spark plugs and found oil on the block around the valve cover(s) and

Recent work
- Replaced Crankshaft position sensor
- Removed upper plenum
- Removed power steering reservoir
- Removed valve covers
- Replaced valve cover gaskets
- Replaced spark plug tube seals
- NOTE: the wiring harness was pulled on and moved alot, also there are multiple places that wiring connects to the valve covers that I am worried got damaged)
- Reinstalled all components
- Vehicle started, ran for 20 sec and died
- Vehicle started, ran rough for 10 sec and died
- Vehicle will now only start with accelerator to the floor, struggles to start and often dies right away (when it doesn't it runs very very rough)
- I checked DTCs and there were NONE (not on the body or ODBII side), engine not running enough to run diagnostics in my opinion

Recent troubleshooting
- Tested electrical going to fuel pump (good)
- Tested fuel pressure at schrader valve (with AutoZone gauges)
- Value was originally 0 when tested
- 12V was charged and value is 50
- value decays when key is off to around 45
- value jumps to 60 when cranking/running
- Took off air intake and noted loud exhaust sound from top of block
- Can feel air being pushed OUT of the air intake
- Removed upper plenum to confirm plenum gaskets seated well (may have been slightly off but seated well now with no change in the above report)
- Checked DTCs and have a P0018 and P0019 both ACTIVE
P0018 Crankshaft Position (CKP)-Camshaft Position (CMP) Correlation Bank 2 Sensor A
P0019 Crankshaft Position (CKP)-Camshaft Position (CMP) Correlation Bank 2 Sensor B

I feel the engine ran normal since the CKP was replaced but can't be sure of the sequence of events. I can't understand what could cause air to blow OUT of the intake. I don't think position sensors would cause that but I suppose if the position is off badly enough the exhaust valves are closed at the wrong time maybe?

Any opinions welcome. I really need help to find out what is causing this engine to run so poorly. Thanks.

Cody Martin - '07 Outlook FWD owner
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