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Love at first sight, 08 Outlook XR, bought Oct. 08.
Now 26,500 miles later, and out of warranty except on the powertrain, the nitpicking problems arise. :sosad:
Of course the dealer has NO sympathy, and wants to charge the big bucks to handle the issues. :angryfire: Surely the last GM product I'll ever own.
Power steering groan. Dealer serviced, and forgot to check/top off unit. ::) I fixed it myself.
Current problems:
Liftgate pistons can't hold up a bag of feathers.
Radio won't shutoff when ignition switch is turned off,and door is opened.
Headlight switch has fallen apart.
Several other intermittent electrical problems.

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the liftgate struts--- you should be able to swap those easily.
the radio shut off-- most likely the door switch- youd have to remove the door panel... something I would try to fix myself. (having removed panels on my other cars for speakers etc).
Headlight switch- should be easy to pop on/off.

The items above should be easy to correct yourself.
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