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Okay, here goes... We bought the '07 Outlook after my parents got an Acadia. I love the layout of the interior. I have 3 kids and seem to always have their friends tagging along! Anyway, then came the first issue. While stopped at a stoplight, the light changed green and we didn't go. Like many others have experienced, it turns out the wave plate had busted. Of course this happened under the 100,000 miles, but a few months out of the 5 year warranty. It took hours upon hours of my time dealing with the dealership, Sapaugh, GM, and my lovely aftermarket extended warranty company to get the transmission repaired and hundreds of dollars to cover all the costs no one would cover.

This is what they state as needing repaired at the time. Found the 3-5-r wave plate was broken. It scored up the 3-5-r piston when it broke. Also damaged the reaction sun assembly, 2-6 clutch springs, 3-5-r piston and backing plate. Needs new clutches throughout because of the amount of metal that was scattered through the transmission also needs to have all related gaskets and seals replaced along with filter.

The first service advisor told me we needed a new transmission. Apparently some time after he assured me he would handle things, he was fired. Then came the next service advisor, Art, who said it would be better to fix it. I'm still not seeing how this was better, but okay. It is stated: overhauled trans and cleaned case so that it was free of metal. flushed cooler. 1b97eb5 cycle 737 1.1 gpm @68 degrees. reinstalled in vehicle and filled with fluid and coolant. then reset shift adapts and road tested. transmission is now operating as designed.

Now that was in Oct. at 92,000 miles. It is now June and at 104,000 miles. I experienced the same issues as before except this time I still had reverse. OnStar gave me the codes P0700, P0717 (2x), and P0716. This was of course on Sat. 20 minutes after the dealership closed. On Monday, I contacted Joe Clemens, the General Manager of the dealership who had ended up helping me before. He sent a tow truck to pick up my Outlook. Soon after I received a call from the dealership asking why my vehicle had been towed there. Yes, I started to get worried at this point. After explaining everything, the service advisor said she would get back with me. After not hearing anything, I called to check on things. I was told they were going to check with my extended warranty to see if it was covered. I explained it was there because they were the ones to fix it already. She said she would check into that and call me back.

Well, no call back. I got ahold of her today and she said she wasn't sure what to tell me so she hadn't called yet. She said the parts they found to be bad were not related to the previous fix and that she had already called my extended warranty co to find they weren't covering it either. Oh, and to add the cherry to the top she said it would be $17??.00 for them to fix it PLUS, the cost of the towing! Seriously? When I informed her Mr. Clemens had sent the tow truck, she decided they would go ahead and cover that part.

Here's my issue now. They are claiming the codes mean it is the Transmission Speed Sensor and the Solenoid Valve Pack needing replaced. Are these not related to the previous wave plate issues? Am I wrong that this was included in the Service Bulletin No.:09-07-30-012A? I have contacted GM, but was simply told they would look into it. Does anyone know more about this issue? I only know what I have recently found on here.

Please help!
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