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We bought our Outlook almost 3 years ago and have done quite a few things to it - in that time we’ve replaced A/C compressor, timing chains, tire sensors, ABS sensors, coils, spark plugs, and preventative maintenance filters, etc.
The problem we are having is that since we replaced all 6 coils (engine trouble/stuttering caused us to take this action about 18 months ago) we have had individual coils go bad again just about every 4-6 months. First we lost #2, then in December 2019 we lost #4, and just last week we lost #1. I’ve replaced each one and it runs ok again but now I’m just waiting for another one to go bad.
Each of the bad coils shows a burn mark near the base (I’m going to try to post pictures at the end of this post) and I’m wondering did we just get a bad batch of coils or coils something else be causing the problem? Someone has suggested it’s a timing issue (since this has happened after we had the timing chains replaced) and it does still have a stutter now and then but I’m just at a loss. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.
FYI : No check engine lights are on prior to the coils failing but “traction control” and other lights come on when they finally do burn out. Also, no codes are given leading up to the failures.
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