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Dunno if anyone can help but I am going to lay my story out as a reference for others. :confused:

shortly after buying in october 2010 the driver hid would flicker.

Later in life it would go completely out. Power cycle and boom, back on!!

shortly thereafter the passenger light started to do the same thing.

Picked up bulbs, No fix.

swapped Ballast from side to side, no fix

swapped ballast to bulb shielded wire, no fix

picked up a pair of "working" used ballasts from ebay, no fix

swapped everything i could from side to side and the driver still does it more than the pass but both do it.

over the past two weeks the headlights are no unusable at night as they go out moments after turning them on, at random.

Last night the driver light failed completely. today's mission is to take a look and se if its the china bulb or ballast.
Currently running the stock ballasts. going to swap in the ebay ones and cross my fingers they stay on for at least a few mins longer before going out.

Being between jobs I cannot risk shelling out the cash for new ballasts only to have the issue unresolved.

There are aftermarkets available for $150.00 each. it may come down ot that. In the end could always sell off the extra parts used for trouble shooting.

Anyone selling HID assys? ,maybe some stock XE housings? Then I could ditch these HID's?

There ya go and there it is.

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How about adding relay wires?
I've read that can help these problems.
Search eBay with "h11 hid relay kit (hd,heavy,thick)"
I see one now for under $10 shipped.

Hope that helps. Let us know! :)
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