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Today I join the ranks of Saturn Outlook Transmission Failure. First we went through the whole mystery battery drain saga and then the wackiness of the roof leaking through every orifice imaginable and now this. Wifey takes kids to school this morning and mid trip calls me at work and says shes stranded on highway because car won't go into gear. Started acting up yesterday and was planning to have her drop it off at dealership after she took kids to school.. she never made it. Can't say I didn't see this coming after visiting all the Saturn forums looking for a solution to our earlier probs and finding out that there were tranny probs as well. It's a 2008 with just over 81,000 miles on it. Warranty is long gone. We bought it from my sister.. the car was AWESOME.. has everything inside... Navigation, DVD.. just amazing. Kids love traveling in it too! But we have had nothing but trouble since we got it. All the cool amenities on the outside cannot mask the poor quality craftsmanship underneath. And after visiting multiple sites, including this one, I see we are not alone. How can GM not stand behind their product? How can they release a product without properly verifying it's reliability? My family has mostly been a Ford family through the years and I gotta say, I'll never own another GM product. I'm in the process of filing a formal complaint with GM and will also be doing the safety board complaint as well. This is ridiculous. Just needed to vent because can't afford to get anything new OR fix this money pit. :banghead: :help:
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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