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I purchased a new 2008 Outlook for my wife in January. We have enjoyed it until last week. We were driving in the neighborhood and all the sudden it just died. Fortunately we were at a location where we could coast over and were not in traffic. I turned the key off and then tried to start it again. Nothing. The instrumentation and lights would all operate properly but absolutely nothing when you turned the key to the start position. At first I thought it might be the security system so I locked the car and unlocked with the remote. Nothing. Tried my wife's remote. Nothing. So I called Saturn and they sent a tow truck. That was 5 days ago. The dealership has told me that they believe it is a bad fuse box and are also replacing the ignition harness. Supposedly he has the parts in today and it will be ready on Monday, a full week later. I am not convinced this is the issue or the fix and am concerned as this is a major safety concern. I'm putting my wife and kids in this car and if it dies like it did before in a traffic situation, it could be very dangerous. Has anyone else experienced this type of problem?

Otherwise, the only issue we have had is a knocking under the from driver side. Sounds like a strut and we had planned to have it fixed. The dealership has been very good to us with providing a brand new Outlook as a loaner. We are appreciative of that.
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