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Thought I'd post up my recent experience with my '09 XR. Noticed in the last couple of months a decided click/clunk whenever I turned the steering wheel to the left...regardless of whether I was moving or not. Didn't notice this right away (with radio and heater blowing) as this noise was somewhat masked.

Had to take her in for an oil/filter change (I'm still providing the oil [Pennzoil Platinum 5W30]. Dealer, Moran Chevrolet in Clinton Township, MI does this for $14.74 ($10.94 labor and $3.80 for the PF63 filter]. Mentioned to the Service Advisor, Sherri Keys and confirmed by the Service Technician, Jim that the steering rack was bad and leaking (had no sign of power steering fluid from the rack leaking on the garage floor). Needed to be replaced.

I had paid for an extended warranty (bumper to bumper extended to 75,000 miles). The company is Easy Care. Moran Chevrolet had to have Easy Care bless the coverage and it was. Kept the Saturn overnight and Moran provided an Impala sedan as a rental. The rack and car rental was covered under this extended warranty. The Saturn was ready the next morning.

The total cost of this, including parts, labor, and car rental was $1,146.98. My out of pocket cost was the extended warranty deductible of $100.00 + $14.97 for the oil change.

Moran Chevrolet was very attentive to resolving this and appeared to be well aware of these racks going bad.

My Saturn Outlook had 49,750 miles on her when this was done.

Here's a breakdown with part #s on this:

GM #22902260 Gear 6.508...List $670.34

GM #88861037 Dextron 6 Fluid $17.26 (2 quarts)

Labor $323.20

Align Front End $49.95

Car Rental (1 day) $30.00

Oil & Filter change $14.74

Tax $41.49

Total $1,146.98

Less my deductible & oil chg $114.97

Extended Warranty Coverage $1,032.01

I was curious to see what I could buy this steering rack for so a Google search revealed these 2 sites

With free shipping, this AC DELCO site listed GM #22902260 for $335.30...course now I'm doing the work or paying someone local to do this + have an alignment...sure glad I had that extended warranty in place.

This GM site shows a slightly different list price and a final price of $387.75 with no mention of free shipping. This site does show a diagram of the rack.

Just my experience with this dealer and this issue (I know it's a common one from reading posts on these Lambda site).


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During a changeover from my winter to summer tires this month, I inspected the steering rack on the Outlook and found fluid on the outside of the passenger side bellows. I had the steering rack previously replaced under PI0029F, along with a new PS Pump, larger inlet hose, and Dexron VI. Oh well, looks like I'll have the 3rd steering rack installed soon - good thing I have Majorguard (GMPP)!
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