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So to start this forum and its relatives are great. Have spent a week researching the equipment that I need to up grade my new to me 2009 Outlook. I have a few questions that I really hope you guys can help with. To start out with I have to apologize for asking questions that I am sure have already been answered.

Here goes:

1. If my Outlook has the correct fuse box for towing would it have the HD radiator as well?

2. How hard is it to remove the center console cover to install new tow/haul switch?

3. How would I find out about the radiator if not sure, and if I can't find out are the external add on coolers sufficient to cool the ATF?
4. In your experience do I need computer worked on or is the tow/haul switch plug&play?

5. Dealer said that if had everything installed that it would not void the warranty. What do you guys know about this.

Thank You for any help.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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